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Acupuncturist Crosses the Road!

After 10 years on the 3rd Floor of 60 Adams St., Milton, MA, I have moved one block away to 11 High Street. I am now directly behind the Bank of America which is on the corner of Adams, Eliot and High Streets.

My new room is at ground level. It is approximately 10 feet from drop off to the treatment table, making it appropriate for people who are mobility impaired--which is why the acupuncturist crossed the road!

If you have not given my contact information to friends who are mobility impaired because of the three flights of stairs leading to my old location, I hope you will consider passing on my phone number today--617 312 7650.


Thank you for visiting my website. Clicking on the links will tell you most of what you need to know about my practice.

Two brief items that are not in the main body of this website are; this article about my work in hospice


And this notice about a workshop I will be doing on February 12, 2014 at 11:00 am as part of the UMass Boston health Education & Wellness Program's "Wellness Wednesdays." If you are part of the UMass Boston Community, please contact them for more information.

A Woman's Monthly Cycles: Tune Your Moon

Most of my clients are women and an astounding number of them were put on birth control pills just months after their first menstrual cycle. An additionally astounding number have no idea when they ovulate, how long their menstrual cycle is or why they should care. The goal of this workshop is to teach women the basics of their menstrual cycle, how to track it and how to manage any symptoms they may experience. I will also be doing a short introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and some mild moving meditation exercises. I treat men too!

Do you know a girl who will be twelve this year? Click on my blog Stems and Branches to learn more about "Tune Your Moon, a Girl's First Calendar".

If you haven't seen the former Masons' lodge/ballet studio where I work, or the historic Baker Chocolate Factories, please stop by, it's worth the trip.

Please call regarding prices for individual acupuncture treatments, health insurance and Medicare: 617-312-7650



Daria Casinelli
Daria Casinelli
Daria Casinelli, Lic. Ac.